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Advance your production

Master important production skills like loop construction, melody building, sampling, sound selection, pattern construction, arrangement, mixing/mastering, and much more.


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Gain years of knowledge in a short amount of time. Learn how to solve all of your beatmaking problems (which would take you years to learn on your own). By joining, you will progress quickly and efficiently

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Learn what your beats are missing, and transform them from sounding amateur to professional. Gain the tips, tricks and techniques needed to finally get your beats to sound exactly how you want them to.

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Reach Your Potential

You have the potential to become an amazing producer, and make extraordinary beats. Better Beatmaker will give you the knowledge you need to reach your potential, so you can finally become the producer you want to be.

What is 
Beat Design?




The regular path to becoming a producer requires you learn a lot of traditional music theory (a lot of which won't be useful), suffer through years of trial and error, and make a lot of bad beats.

Better Beatmaker is different. It shows you the knowledge needed to make beats, direct and simple. It's perfect for aspiring beatmakers with no musical background who want to make amazing beats immediately.

Beat Design will help you make better beats on day 1, instead of day 1142.




I developed quickly and efficiently. It would have taken me 2x or 3x more time if I didn't take this course

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My skills improved more from 1 year [with Better Beatmaker] than 10 years of trying on my own



I wish I had this on day 1. Things would be a lot different for me right now

Make progress, fast 

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Better Beatmaker takes you through the entire beatmaking process, step-by-step, showing you the important systems and formulas along the way. You will also see the common mistakes producers make so you can avoid them.

- Section 1 -
Starting A Beat

  • How to build your own loops and samples

  • How to choose the right sounds for your beat

  • How to add sounds into your beat

  • How to sample, and build your own melodies

- Section 2 -
Building A Beat

  • How to build drum patterns

  • How to choose better drum sounds

  • How to build basslines

  • How to add detail into your beat

- Section 3 -
Arranging A Beat

  • How to turn your loop into a full beat

  • How to structure your beats

  • How to build transitions into your beat

  • How to make your beat sound complete

- Section 4 -
Finishing A Beat

  • How to figure out what's wrong with your beat

  • How to troubleshoot your beat

  • How to fix your beat

  • How to make sure your beat is usable

- Section 5 -
Mixing A Beat

  • How to mix your beat

  • How to master your beat

  • How to get your beats to sound professional

  • How to use your mixing tools

- Bonus -
Marketing A Beat

  • How to find artists to work with

  • How to grow your social media

  • How to sell your beats

  • How to build a beatselling system

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✔ 1000+ free samples

✔ Access to beat contests (+ chances to win prizes)

✔ Bonus marketing section

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Better Beatmaker BONUSES

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Plugin Discounts

You will get discounts on top plugins that all of the pros use.

These discounts total to more than $2500+ in savings. You save more than the course costs.

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Free Samples

Better Beatmaker comes with 1000+ samples, made by the top sample and sound creators in the world.


The full library includes:

904+ drum samples, 190+ drum loops,

86+ samples, 479+ sample stems.  

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Beat Feedback

Get guaranteed feedback on your beats.

Members are given one free beat consultation when they join.  Feedback is also given on optional beat assignments every 2 weeks.

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Exclusive Access

You will join a group of serious beatmakers who are there there to help, and share their experience with you.


Bonus Content

New lessons, new cheat sheets, new samples, new drum kits, new tools, new contests and more are always being added.

By joining, you will gain access to every update forever.

You will make better beats or your money back


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You will get the solutions to your beatmaking problems within 30 days of joining. If you don't, you can get 100% of your money back, no questions asked.


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Better Beatmaker works,
no matter what you use

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will help you if...

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  • You don't know music theory, and want to make beats without it

  • You don't know what mistakes you're making, and what you need to do differently

  • You don't have consistency in your production

  • You don't know how to get your beats to sound professional

  • You don't have time to learn everything on your own

  • You don't have a expensive studio, and make beats in your bedroom

  • You don't have consistent motivation, and have trouble staying inspired

  • You don't want to wait years, and want to start making better beats now



I'm Navie D, the creator of Better Beatmaker. I will be your instructor through the program. I have been helped thousands of producers improve their beats, and I can help you too.


I’ve worked with world-renowned artists, produced for top-selling video games, got millions of listens on my beats and views on my YouTube videos.


I know what it takes to be a BETTER BEATMAKER, and I can’t wait to share my knowledge with you!



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